A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Spockadelic was developed in 8h at the Berlin Mini Game Jam in February 2015. Remember the numbers that appear at the black holes at the beginning. Then travel with the Enterprise to the black holes in the right order. If you do right, then a rewarding portrait of Spock appears.


Our gorgeous team "Trekkies" was:

  • Anja Gross – 2D Art (Black Holes, Backgrounds, ...) www.anjagross.com
  • Gareth Burns – Game Design
  • Raphael Koller – 3D (USS Enterprise)
  • Sylvia Springorum – 2D Art (Spock Protraits) www.weltenmenge.de
  • Viktor Pekar – Programming, Particle Effects

Install instructions

Just download and unzip (when using windows) the package and just doubleclick the executable. It's a 8h Jam-Game - and we didn't manage to get a menu or something like that done :-)


Spockedelic-v2.app.zip 79 MB
Spockadelic-Win64-v2.zip 78 MB